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Concieved in Japan, born in Long Beach, CA. I moved to Hawaii then to San Diego, L.A., San Francisco, and then finally to Aloha, OR. I saw Wad play at Brown jr. High, and after that I followed them through the years. I knew Matt as the death metal guy from "the corner" (our high school hang out). In 10th grade Scott and I had a Spanish class together, and became friends so I started going to all their shows. Then in 11th grade I met Steve in math class. A few years later (and a ton of shows later) I started working with Gabe and Steve at Papa Murphy's. When Steve, Scott, and Matt moved into a new house, Steve asked me to move in with them. That's when it all started for me. I always thought playing guitar was cool, but as time went by, music became a part of me. I couldn't live without it. Since I write from my heart and play from my soul, the guys have become my closest friends. Fade-Out has affected my life unchangeably.


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