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Born in Hillsboro, OR. I moved around a bit but always settled in Hillsboro. I met all the guys (except for Jake) as Wad when I was playing in my childhood band of Feature 86. We actually met at a mutual friend's house to play a party, which just happened to be the house we moved into after High School. I had played in a band with Scott (Short Bus Riders) which was fun but just didn't work out. A couple of years later Steve came up to me at school and asked me if I wanted to play with them. I figured I'd try it, though my heart would always be more devoted to the metal I had previously been playing, I was wrong. Once we started this energy started to come out of me, and made me feel something other music had never made me feel. To explain the way our music makes me feel is hard, it's emotionally fucking crazy. It's like the band, myself and the music are all a cycle that will never stop. We're Fade-Out and if you don't like us, sorry - we don't plan on fading away.


+Jake+ Gabe+ Scott+ Steve+