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Born in Redwood City, California and lived near Portland, Oregon (Milwaukie, McMinnville, Aloha) most of my life. I came into contact with Scott and Gabe in 8th grade (when I moved to Aloha). We quickly formed a strong bond and they became the best friends that I would ever know. Scott and I started making music together in ninth grade (with me on bass). Later on I started playing drums and we added Gabe to the lineup. The band evolved into Wad, which we played in throughout most of our high school career. When Wad's guitarist, Nick S., left the band we started to play around with the lineup, putting me behind the mic and Scott back on guitar. (For those of you who aren't familiar with Wad, Scott did the vocals.) Matt was our first choice of local drummers and although we had our differences at first, Fade Out clicked and a year later Jake came in to fill in a void. Now Fade Out is complete. This is pure emotion and the highest form of freedom. I'm able to express anything and everything that is inside of me. I can let go of everything that would have been locked up otherwise. There isn't anything more powerful than having the ability to communicate and find common ground with people. Fade Out to me is connecting with people by showing them we all have the same feelings and that nobody is alone. The best way to do it is through music and letting everyone see who I am. That is Real, and that's what makes music powerful and beautiful. And if only one person feels it, and is able to use us as an outlet for pent up emotion, then I am already as successful as I could ever hope to be. That's everything I strive for.


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