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Gabe Rice, proudly born in Billings, Montana (YEEE HAAA). I've lived most of the important parts of my life right here in good old Hillsboro, Oregon where I was first introduced into music, as well as my life long brother, Scott Preston. He showed me how to play some things on his guitar, however simple as they were, I was fascinated and very interested. In the eighth grade Steve Cook came to school as a new student and quickly became my next brother. Steve, as well as Scott, showed me different styles of music that still influence me today. It wasn't until the summer of my eighth grade year that I was introduced to the bass guitar. I was asked to be a fill-in bassist for Scott and Steve's band just for the summer. I saw this as only a temporary retreat from my regular guitar learning, but one thing led to another and before I knew it I was a member of the band. We were called Wad and we played Ska. As shit happened, Wad broke up, and to make a long story end short my brother Matt and my brother Jake joined Scott, Steve, and I to make the sickest sounding shit you'll ever hear!...FADEOUT!!!


+Jake+ Matt+ Scott+ Steve+