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Born in Placerville California I moved to Hillsboro with my mom and step-father shortly after my father died. There Danny, my step-father, began to teach about me music at the age of ten. I met Gabe in 7th grade where we became best friends. Steve showed up in the 8th grade to complete our strange group of friends. Since all we ever really wanted to do was skate, listen to music, and go to shows; starting a band in 9th grade only seemed right. After a while of playing pointless (but fun) music we figured out we could actually cause a fair amount of damage by causing people to feel our music instead of just hearing it. That's where Matt came in. Causing damage was what Matt was all about (just listen to the way he wrecks the drums). He completed the realness of Fade Out and we let loose. Most recently Jake Hatcher has joined our brotherhood with his crazy ideas, and sick-ass guitar lines. We began to convert our feelings of pain and hurt into the realest form of music that came out of us. Rap-Core comes from the most inner part of me, the part that creates rage and aggression, the part that takes my problems (physical, mental, or people) and destroys them, or the idea of them, through music. The point is to let people know how we feel because they feel the same way, we want them to know we all got the same problems. These guys are my brothers and nothing will ever change that. When I play music it shows the inside of my heart, they've felt the inside of my soul, and to me that's what it's all about. We've been discouraged through the years, but we've pulled through, and have given up so much there's no turning back now. I'm a musician by soul. THIS IS NO JOB, IT'S MY FUCKING LIFE!!!!


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